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Promotion ตาสองชั้น

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Promotion ตาสองชั้น

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????Promotion. Double eyelid surgery (review case) price 12,890.-  from normal price 49,000.- (review case price)

Create charms to your beautiful eyes with double eyelid surgery.

Change your eyes to be more charming and Physiognomy with double eyelid surgery


Double eyelid surgery with Mia clinic


▪️ Consult and take care in every step by Ophthalmologist & specialist surgery physician.

▪️ Take care in every detail & steps for the best result.

▪️ Clear eye line. Beautiful eyes and face.

▪️ Small wound, smooth, less swelling and fast recovery.

▪️Attentive to every aftercare

*Limited Availability! Reserve Now!!

Free consultant without payment



For more information please contact 

Mía Clinic (Ekamai Branch)

Hotline: 093-919-6563
Line: @miaclinic
Facebook: míaclinicth

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