Promotion ดูดไขมันเหมาแขน

Promotion ดูดไขมันเหมาแขน

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Promotion ดูดไขมันเหมาแขน

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Arms liposuction (for size S) 19,500 THB(regular price 150,000 THB)

“Triple design” technique

✅Individual body design

✅Design to prevent skin from wrinkling after liposuction

✅wound concealing


Liposuction program at Mia clinic 


    •    Consultation with Experienced Physicians

    •    Customized aftercare plan designed by experts

    •    Minimal Discomfort and Small Incisions

    •    Sterile Operating Rooms

    •    Triple Design technique

    •    Performed by Experienced Surgeons

    •    Attention to every detail

Today - 31st march 2024

**results may vary depending on individual**

Remarks: Terms and conditions apply as per company regulations.



Free consultant 

Hotline : 093-919-6563

Line : @miaclinic

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